如果你要这样,我也没办法? If you want this, I have no way?

If you really want to say so, I can't do it.

If you don't trust me, there's nothing I can do. 有疑问请追问

您好: I have no way if you don't care me. 如果对你有帮助,请采纳!祝你学习更上一层楼,数学辅导团为你解决疑问!

I feel really guilty, too, but there's nothing I can do.

The user payment failed,All transactions are sent to the bank processing, I also have no way

We really don't have any means since it's the shipping company who is at fault. Due to the problem caused by the shipping company, we don't have any ways to fix it.


If you think to be to the words of my home town I welcome you very much if you can't come of words didn't also way

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