I love studying. 或 l like studying. 希望能帮到你。

I like learning/study. I love learning/study.

I like learning English.

l love study and study make me happy

I like putting on the gym suit, the friends of mine are very lovable, their study is also very good. I like painting pictures, and picture very good 。哦 顺便一提,几天前帮我指导的ABC5夫下英语的老师和我提到 就是想征服英语是很容...

我们爱学英语 We love to learn English 我们爱学英语 We love to learn English

I like studying或者I like learning

Why do I like studying English? If you ask me why I like studing English, I'll give you the answer. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, that English is the most widely used language in the world forced me to learn it well. I c...

My teachers and some elderly people often praise me. They always say that I must have a bright future, because I like study very much. I really like study. The knowledge from the book attracts me so much. Every time I search th...

我喜欢独自学习,英语是:I like to learn by myself. 句子解释: like 英[laɪk] 美[laɪk] vt. 喜欢; (与 would 或 should 连用表示客气) 想; 想要; 喜欢做; prep. (表示属性) 像; (表示方式) 如同; (询问意见) …怎么样; (表...

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