首先:initially,first of all, 其次:what's more,next in importance, 最后:finally,last but not least, 拓展资料: 英文连接词是连接英文单词的词,如also,and等。英语有486,000个左右的单词,而连接词却只有70个左右,它们总是非常...

首先 above all first first of all firstly for one thing in the first instance in the first place 其次 in the next place next secondly 最后 finally lastly ultimately eventually at length bitter end in conclusion in the end omega

(首先)First(其次)Second(再次)Third 书面式表达: First of all,secondly ,thirdly and then,next,finally 例句: There exists profound social background behind German social securitylegal system, including cultural traditi...

首先:firstly. 其次:secondly. 再次:thirdly. 最后:finally.

for one thing, for another ,meanwhile 或者first of all, secondly, last but not least

zuerst首先 zweitens其次 drittens再其次 danach然后 zuletzt最后 am wichtigsten最重要的 望采纳~~O(∩_∩)O谢谢~

First, Next,Finally

首先 first 其次 next; secondly 再次 once more; a second time; once again

at last

首先: [ shǒu xiān ] 1. in the first place 2. first 近义词或词组 begin...with | for one thing...(for another) | first of all | to begin with | imprimis | in the first instance | firstly | of all things | above all | to start wit...

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