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free pascal二维数组排序问题

参考代码: unit Unit1; interface uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls; Const MAX_ADAPTER_NAME_LENGTH = 256; MAX_ADAPTER_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH = 128; MAX_ADAPTER_ADDRESS_...

其实用二维数组很难完成此题,应该使用一维数组 这是我编的,希望可以解决你的问题 program eight_queen; var a:array[1..8] of boolean; z:array[2..16] of boolean; y:array[-7..7] of boolean; f:array[1..8] of integer; j,k:integer; proce...

type code:array[1..4]of integer;//自定义一个一维数组类型Var a:array[1..4]of code;//一个一维的code,也就成了二维数组h:code;//交换用临时变量i,j:longint;Begin For i:=1 to 4 do For j:=1 to 4 do read(a[i,j]); h:=a[2];a[2]:=a[3];a[3]...

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