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fade out 与fade away到底有啥区别

fade out 指声音、影像等逐渐淡出,逐渐隐去或者逐渐渐变暗。常常用于影视摄像,也可以用于比喻义。 You'll need to be able to project two images onto the screen as the new one fades in and the old image fades out. 你需要把两个图像一...

Fadeaway Shoot 后仰啊 Chipout 内线分球 Hookshot 勾手投篮 街头篮球里听到的吧

faded~已褪色的,已凋谢的 音标~英['feɪdɪd] 美['feɪdɪd 原型: fade

原文出自于Neil Young的Hey Hey, My My 歌词My my, hey heyRock and roll is here to stay我携着摇滚乐在此停留It's better to burn out从容地燃烧Than to fade away总比慢慢消逝的好My my, hey hey.My my, hey heyIt's out of the blue and in...

与其苟延残喘,不如激情燃烧 It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade 涅盘乐队。柯本


烧毁总比逝去要好。 burn out 不是熄灭的意思,是烧毁的意思

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