I. 1-5 ABCCA II. 1. finished 2. diary 3. able 4. encourages5. hosted 6. winner III. 1. took 2. grows 3. will host 4. does, go5. is reading 6. is going to be/will be IV. 1. page from 2. badly in 3. will be ableto 4. in the future


在网上寻找具体的参考书上的答案是很难的,在网上是问不到答案的哈 还是自己多思考,不会的找同学询问 大家讨论,对自己是有好处的

网上是没有现成的答案的 你可以把具体的不会的问题在百度知道提问 这样就有人为你解答了 否则看不到题目呢

1-5ccBAD 6-10ACCCA 11-20BBBAB 1.restaurant 2.activities 3.volleyball 4.most 5.waterfall 1.have 2.went 3.diaries 4.interesting 5.shopping 1.the best films 2.stayed most of 3.many specials 4.cheap enough 5.as tall as 1-5GEBFD 1.w...

Since I go to school, I have to do the morning exercise from Monday to Friday. When the familiar music plays, my body will shake unexpectly. The school morning exercise has become part of my life, I will never forget about thes...

因为自控能力较低,基础差 所以就非常会依赖答案 这种情况反而要更需要独立思考 学习才能进步(给你的答案不一定和你的版本一样)21~35:A C D B D C A A B D D C A A B 36~45:D A C C B B B B A C 46~50:G E A F D

ⅠADCBCBDACCBACDC Ⅱ. 1. ruler 2. key 3. map 4. jacket 5. orange 6. pen 7. English 8. spell 9.what 10. please Ⅲ. 1. C I 和O都是元音字母。 2. B 字母I的笔划是三划。 3. C 题意:“这是一把钥匙吗?”“是的,它是。”问句是一般疑问句,应用ye...

My best friend is Xiao Yi. She has short hair. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She lives on the tenth floor of a tall building. There are five people in her family. Xiao Yi likes to do sports. She ...

最可宝贵的就是今天,最易丧失的也是今天,在网上是问不到答案的哈 多花时间思考问题,直接抄袭答案会让自己损失很宝贵的思考时间的 满意采纳

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