最可宝贵的就是今天,最易丧失的也是今天,在网上是问不到答案的哈 多花时间思考问题,直接抄袭答案会让自己损失很宝贵的思考时间的 满意采纳

八年级新目标英语周报答案(2015-2016)第34期答案 链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i5xZTzB 密码: 9pz3

因为自控能力较低,基础差 所以就非常会依赖答案,在网上是问不到答案的哈 这种情况反而要更需要独立思考 学习才能进步

Here are my opoinions about how to get well with freinds.You should treat your friends sincenely .If you are honest to your friends.They will be honest to you in return .Second ,friends mean giving but not receiving,so think mo...

I. 1-5 BBCBC II. 1. reading 2.badly 3. visitors 4. hosted5. ourselves III. 1. are a symbol 2. stand for 3. at least IV. 1-5 TFTTF V. 1-5 ACACC 6-10 ABCCB VI. One possible version: The 29thOlympics has been over. Beijing is gett...

Last week our class had a discussion on whether it is good or bad to use the E-book package . We have diffierent opinions . Some student agree to use these. In their opinions , the E-book package is lighter and more convenient ...

换个号给你回答。 刚才给你回答的,又被删了。这样吧,像先前那样如法疱制: 将下图中的下载链接手动输入到地址栏去下载。 密码: 2c4r

遇到不会的题就上网找答案照抄,根本不想动脑筋,会让学生养成,在网上是问不到答案的哈 不思考的习惯,改正吧,多思考 做题不怕做错,就怕不思考

一、1.pronounces2.slowly 3.spoken4.mistake 5.solution 6.impressed 7.challenges 二、1.slowly 2.to use 3.spoken 4.pronunciation5.writing6.worried 7.right 三、1.First of all 2.Later on 3.laugh at 4.take lotsof grammarnotes 5.could...

I.1-6 BCBABC II.1. share 2. address 3. Dolls 4. coins 5. mails III. 1. used 2. watching 3. miss 4. interests 5. actor Ⅳ.1. am interested in playing 2. walkinga pet dog 3.Collecting stamps, great fun 4. in their spare time 5. ...

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