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这不是个游戏,我才不会跟你玩下去. 求英文翻译

只有通过不断学习,我们才能提高自己的能力。 英语是:Only through continuous study can we improve our ability. 句子解释: continuous 英[kənˈtɪnjuəs] 美[kənˈtɪnjuəs] adj. 连续的; 延伸的; 绵;...

《7 years》—— Lukas Graham 一首很有故事的歌

Only if we take effective steps/measures to deal with /solve this problem now can we prevent a real water shortage in the near future.

"笨蛋"在英语里是 fool, 其它表示此类的英语单词 ass, 笨人; idiot, 白痴; dumb, 愚笨的; dumbell, 笨蛋,蠢货; dumb cluck, 愚人; dumb duck, 笨蛋; dunce, 愚蠢的人,劣等生; simpleton, 愚人; boob, 笨蛋; bonehead, 笨蛋(=boner)...

Only when you told me, I started to know this information. We are going to visit a museum that's built last year. Only when that time had come, then I would finally realize that I was wrong.


Because the mind, will Luanxiang, if you don't care, I don't think about it. 希望回答帮到你

翻译英语句子不用那么拘泥于形式的,很多时候很多句子如果逐字逐句的翻译的话,就成了中式英语了。 按照字面意思absence是表示离开离别,也就是说上一句英语对应的确实是中文翻译的下一句。但是从总体递进来说,如果你把翻译的下一句调到前面来...

翻译如下 I'm not don't love you, but too care about you didn't contact you 望采纳!

I hope he is really better than I love you. And then I will force myself to leave you.

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