in the matter of 英[in ðə ˈmætə ɔv] 美[ɪn ði ˈmætɚ ʌv] [词典] 在…方面, 就…而论; [例句]Transplantation is not always successful in the matter of flowers or maidens. 花...

in terms of in...field 适应:adjust to/adapt to 依我看:in my opinion,as far as I am concerned 无济于事:nothing could help. 作文里经常写~

在其他方面 [词典] in other ways; [例句]这些缺点抵消了他在其他方面对待员工还算开明的态度。 These weaknesses negated his otherwise progressive attitude towards the staff.

在某方面做的更好 Done in a better被认为应该、拿走、身份证、帮助别人、获得足够的锻炼、职业足球运动员、昨天夜里、开始上课、溜冰马拉松、一双溜冰鞋。Should be considered, taken, identity cards, to help others, receive adequate trai...

have experience in --- area/aspect.

在各个方面的英文是in all respects,详细信息如下: in all respects 【词典】处处 例句: This essay is admirable in all respects. 这篇文章在各方面都很值得欣赏。

in some aspects

In some way

集中研究 research; [例句]近些年来,Jackson已经集中研究企业基础设施的可管理性和动态IT环境中的平台能量效率。 In recent years, Jackson has focused on enterprise infrastructure manageability and platform energy efficiency in dynami...

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